Website Design

We design all of our sites from the bottom up.

 Photoshop In order to design your site specifically to your requirements, we’ll provide you with a Photoshop PSD mock-up to give you a better perspective on your to-be site.

Illustrator We create custom icons and fonts within illustrator to maintain the originality of your website’s visuals.

InDesign To create your company’s stunning stationary, i.e business cards, letter heads, pdf downloads, etc. we seamlessly integrate InDesign into all our creative work.
Unique Typography

Make your site stand out with the latest in web fonts.

CMS Backend

We specialize in WordPress content management. The new age industry CMS standard.

Semi-Flat Design

Apple had it right when they ditched the traditional 3-Dimensional websites for the new 1/2D designs.


Tablets and Mobile devices have taken over. We’ll ensure your website scales down accordingly to each device.

E-Commerce Ready

We’ll prepare your website for digital or non-digital downloads and delivery.

Enriched Media

Display the highest quality videos and images with help from our media expert.

Vivid Colors

Bright, appealing, and catchy colors subconsciously keeps your audience’s minds stimulated while viewing your site.

Custom Plugins

We develop custom plugins specifically for your site.


Each site has a dedicated info-graphic designer working on specialized ads for your site.

Extensive Coding

Our developers span anywhere from California, India, Canada, and Switzerland.

Page Optimization

Your page index-speed and search engine markups are all very important to the delivery of your web content.

Custom Shortcodes

We develop custom shortcodes specific to your website.

Recent Projects

  • Liberty Village Visuals

    A Liberty Village nightclub in Toronto requested we re-brand their Friday night visuals. Mainly social media formatted advertising however more multimedia projects were then later produced using this graphical style format.

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  • The Envy Project

    We are currently re-branding a AAA Nightclub over in Western Canada. We are working with the theme of the name to display the visual elements that correlate with the word “Envy”.

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  • The Envy Project – Clam White

    We wanted to have a clam shell white logo to embody the “Luxury Reinvented” theme. Multiple displays of art is very necessary when trying not to exhaust the same images that the public views.

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  • Ray Hill Expansion – Creative Agency

    We are currently re-branding our agency’s identity to better represent our current business values.  We are delighted to take you through the journey of our visual transformation for 2016-2017.

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  • Ray Hill Media – Logo Overhaul

    We didn’t want our logo to represent too much of an entertainment centric vision, but at the same time convey the elements of design, creativity, and professionalism. Voila!!

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